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B1G Stock Market Game Week 5

I’ll never stay humble

Welcome to this week’s edition of the B1G Stock Market Game, presented by the second smartest fantasy investor on this site, pkloa. Now, pretty much every other game I’m involved in humbles the hell out of me, so I hope you’ll forgive me for gloating a bit. Actually, I hope you won’t forgive me. I want to feel your seething jealousy in the comments below.

Also, Dead Read is leading. Yay.

If you’re a Minnesota (+12.3%) fan, you missed out on a big payday. Same goes for Nebraska (+12.9%), somehow. Many of you continue to get burned by the likes of Northwestern (-20.8%) and Rutger (-23.2%). I’m sure we’ve all learned our lesson, right? There are currently 79 outstanding shares of the Wildcats, dragging the overall index down to preseason levels. Welcome back, October Maryland (-23.6%)!

The Rules

  1. Start with an initial investment equal to the average of all current investors. This week, that’s 526 Delaney Dollars ($526DD).
  2. Select team stocks to buy.
  3. After the week’s games, sell, hold, and/or buy for the next week.
  4. Max number of any one team’s shares that you can own is 50.
  5. The game pays a 10% dividend of current prices in weeks 4, 7, 10, and 13 for all shares you’ve held for three consecutive weeks.

Team stock value comes from The value of each team is the inverse of their current rating (out of 130 FBS teams), so team #2 costs $129, #6 costs $125, #129 costs $2.

What Teams Should I Invest In?

Buy low, sell high. Or vice versa. Buy shares of your own team, or feel all greasy by buying shares of your rival. While nobody can perfectly predict The Formula, team ratings are pretty much based on their game results, their opponents, and their opponents’ opponents.

Some players diversify, and others go heavy on one stock. You’ll find your niche. If you don’t like the dartboard method, you may want to check out Dead Read’s B1G Stock Report.

This Week

I added a couple features at the bottom, calculating each team’s Outstanding Shares and Market Cap, really demonstrating just how badly we’re shooting ourselves in the collective foot.

Everybody’s current holdings are eligible for dividends in Week 7. I didn’t read any complaints in how I tracked eligible shares, feels really good. Looks like I forgot to shade the top few rows, but 1) I don’t care enough to fix it, and 2) I think I threw more than enough shade above to make up for it!

The opening bell has rung, here are this week’s stock prices:

Illinois 52; Indiana 76; Iowa 125; Maryland 81; Michigan 127; Michigan State 106; Minnesota 82; Nebraska 114; Northwestern 42; Ohio State 128; Penn State 119; Purdue 86; Rutger 73; Wisconsin 101

Get your buys in by ****6pm Best Time Zone Thursday night.**** And remember, greed is good.