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2019 All Over Again: Maryland Rolled by Hawkeyes

What’s uglier: turning back into a pumpkin, or those uniforms?

NCAA Football: Iowa at Maryland Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

So, the last time Maryland played a night game in front of a sold out crowd was in 2019.

They lost to Penn State 62-0.

I left before halftime.

#5 Iowa Hawkeyes 51, Maryland Terrapins 14

I stated last week that I didn’t expect Maryland to win. I actually wrote on blackheartgoldpants that the Terrapins’ undoing would be bad special teams play, turnovers, and stupid penalties.

I could have just written that turnovers would be their undoing.

Iowa won the turnover battle 6-0.

In the 1st quarter Maryland was up 7-3, having already turned the ball over once. After kicking off and letting Iowa drive for a touchdown to go up 10-7, the Terps received the kick-off and Dontay Demus fumbled the kickoff, which led to an Iowa touchdown.

Maryland promptly had turnovers on the next two possessions.

That’s right. About 5 minutes into the 2nd quarter, Maryland had turned the ball over 4 times, including 3 straight possessions. It was clear they had a deer in the headlights look, just like against Penn State in 2019. I left the game after that 4th turnover with only about 5 minutes expired in the 2nd quarter.

So, order has been restored. Indinia, Rutgers, and Maryland are the sucky teams in the B1G East. Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State are all looking good.

What’s Next?

I never really expected Maryland to win this one, so my 7-5 prediction does not change.

However, in 2019 after the Penn State beatdown, Maryland rolled over and died, winning only one more game that season. The players talk about a new “standard” and “culture.” Locksley has been the head coach for both of these embarrassing beatdowns in which the players were just not mentally prepared. That’s on him.

Shit has just gotten really interesting in College Park. Have they lost their confidence and do they get rolled by Ohio State this week? Or can they put this embarrassment behind them, and look like they did for the first four games? The talent is there to beat Minnesota, Indiana, and Rutgers. But, let’s see if they have a coach that can lead and get the players to bounce back and believe in themselves.

Next game: OSU. Yay.

I think Maryland is more comfortable playing when no one cares or expects anything from them. With everyone jumping off the bandwagon, I could see them playing OSU close. But then again, it’s October. The end of September for Terrapins football is like the clock striking midnight for Cinderella. The Terps could turn into a bunch of pumpkins in ugly uniforms and absolutely get rolled next week.