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Maryland and Wisconsin Football Indicted On Fraud Charges: Big Ten Week 5 In Review

Blue teams are better than red teams?

NCAA Football: Michigan at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

As we boldly proclaimed last week, someone in the Big Ten East did in fact take their first loss of the season.

The Maryland Terrapins got carved up like the pumpkin they were, but what else happened is that Wisconsin was confirmed to be pretenders as well.

Both of these teams are alleged to have conspired to defraud several investors out of hundreds of Delany Dollars over the course of several weeks.


  • At 4-1...can Maryland make a bowl?
  • Has Iowa still Ain’t Played Nobody?
  • How much does the Wisconsin defense hate the Wisconsin offense?
  • Seriously, how worrying is Wisconsin’s inability to run the ball against ranked teams?
  • Is Michigan good?
  • Illinois won a football game! Does it mean anything?
  • Have we finally located AIRBHG in the Twin Cities?
  • Is Jeff Brohm finally a true Big Ten coach who loses winnable games because his offense can’t find points even when they get inside the 40?
  • When will you accept that Ohio State is still winning the conference?
  • Is Indiana basically Wisconsin with a worse defense?
  • How cathartic was it for Scott Frost to empty the clip into Northwestern?
  • How mad will I be when Illinois loses the Hat game this year?

All this and so much more!