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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 6

Today I learned that there’s a place called “Gun Lake” and it isn’t in Texas

Hey everyone. Welcome to WWBWWBD, where we all...ah you know the drill. Happy Friday, sports nerds.


Before the game I want to head down to the Pentacrest and see the Big Nude Kickoff set, and maybe try to get Clay Travis to have me thrown out (unblock me you coward). I’ve got friends coming from out of town, so we’ll probably head over to Big Grove for some beers before watching the game in someone’s basement. Would have loved for this to be my first game since moving back to Iowa City, but oof man tickets for this one are not cheap. I’m definitely getting season tickets again for next year.


I’ll be flying from LA to Portland for a Conference next week. I hope to land in Portland to a Rutgers win. May get drunk with my friend off of LAX Mimosas.


Going to shoot for 5ish miles on the Appalachian Trail before noon. Closest trail parking is less than 30 minutes away, which is awesome. I’m wanting a brew from Iowa, hoping my local beer store has Toppling Goliath. Not sure what else your state has to offer, Iowegians, so set me right in the comments.


I will be in, of all places, Madison, WI this weekend, and no there is not a game there—I’m headed to a wedding. So far, it’s looking like a beautiful day, so fingers crossed it stays that way! I’ll have a little time for sightseeing on Friday afternoon/evening, and Saturday morning - I’m already hoping to go score some spicy cheese bread at the Farmers Market. MCClapYoHandz has been very generous with suggestions of where to go and what to do, but I’m always open to others. And, if there’s a beer I should make room for in my suitcase, let me know—I’m planning to check my bag on the way home for just this purpose.

Oh right, the Husker game. Well, we’ll see. It’s an afternoon wedding and dinner, so maybe I’ll catch the second half. On the other hand, if the game is going poorly (extremely possible), I have a good excuse to not tune in. Win-win, right?


Northwestern wisconsin! Wife and I decided last weekend on a little getaway. Beers will be leftovers from last weekend’s festivities: Roadsmary’s Baby Pumpkin Ale on rum barrels from Two Roads (CT), Wisktoberfest from The Brewing Projekt (Eau Claire), and maybe something small from Round Man Brewing (Spooner, WI). Perhaps a little vodka from Perlick Distilling (Sarona, WI), but more than likely we’ll just grill some burgers, enjoy the fall weather, and ignore college football entirely.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m excited to be making my first trip to Huskerland. Looking forward to both wandering around campus and seeing a game at Memorial Stadium. And thanks to the late kickoff, I’ll have parts of Friday and Saturday to wander, should anyone have any “must sees” for me.

Green Akers

Home in the Detroit burbs this weekend, with a few winterization tasks to handle over the commercials (thanks, networks!). I have some seltzers lingering in my fridge I should probably clear out


So, fall. Apple picking. It certainly didn’t happen last time, but it’s allegedly happening on Saturday! So one of Penn State’s biggest games of the season will likely be spent picking apples while people I’m only tangentially acquainted with visit for the whole weekend with their dog and ALL the children are around.

Silver lining: More adults to look after the kids while I hide in the attic to watch the game at some point.


Beautiful Westerville, Ohio conspiring on how to distract my children so they let me watch football. Wife will be at work - all suggestions welcome.

RU in VA

I’m going to Gun Lake, Michigan for a wedding. It’s one of my wife’s better friends, and shouldn’t be too bad. But I will be RIGHT in the middle of the MSU fandom belt. Game at 12, wedding at 5, and I’ll have to fend off Walmart Spartans in a bar somewhere in the middle of nowhere? I already had the talk last night... “YOU CAN’T SHOW UP TO THE WEDDING WASTED”. These are the times that try mens’ souls.


headed to Toledo to visit some relatives. Im driving, so no drinking for me.


Going to be hanging around Cincinnati doing some basement work and got conditioning I’ll go to this weekend. Been thinking about going to Liberty Center for some sushi and some probably grab some fancy import while I’m in the DORA. Also, grab some great American cookies while I’m there. Highly likely I don’t watch any game since the Hoosiers are on bye and they’ve pretty much driven me into an “I don’t care right now” attitude.

Dead Read

I shall be in Lovely Downtown Lincoln.


I will be in the historic confines of Memorial Stadium fucking up my homecoming weekend by watching the Fighting Illini fail to get a first down. I will be drinking a number of crowlers I got from Guardian Brewing Co, in Holland, MI.


Back home in NE Florida, where I will watch the PSU/Iowa game in solitary confinement. The rest of the Townie fam are going to a Marching Band competition. Sadly, I had to decline that opportunity…just kidding, I would have sawed my own leg off (or watched this week’s rutgre game) to avoid that hell.

White Speed Receiver

I have no idea where I’ll be this weekend.

Now that you know what the OTE “writers” are doing, what about the rest of you? Head down to the comments and let us know where your alcoholism will be on display this weekend.