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Only Five Games, And Two Even Worth Watching! Week Six Previewcast

Iowa v Maryland
Hang on just a second there fella, let’s not get all worked up
Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Sunlight hours are getting a little short, but fortunately, you probably aren’t missing much if you need to get out in the yard this week. Before that, though, a glance backwards, beyond our borders:

  • Hard to believe Miami found a less-swag moment than the guy who had to take the turnover chain off and give it back, but here we are
  • The national media types who blast Lane Kiffin for being interesting should be forced to attend press conferences with Nick Saban five times a day for the rest of their lives
  • Cincinnati’s social media team hits a walk-off grand slam

Pivot, then, to the Big Ten this week:

  • Maryland tries to bounce back from a hideous loss by...going to the Shoe, that’ll go well
  • Michigan State and Rutgers slapfight over who gets to use strained lumber-related metaphors
  • Illinois once again picks Wisconsin for homecoming because sometimes dummies are in charge of stuff
  • Oh! Here we go! Penn State @ Iowa could be the uncommon low-scoring game that’s actually good!
  • Takes a lot to get the Michigan State guy to openly pull for Michigan, but here we are, Scott