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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 11

Our beer is still colder than the weather, at least for another week.

Happy Friday, and welcome back to Where We Be, What We Be Drinking where each week the OTE “writers” tell you what we’re doing instead of actually watching the games.

Nobody ever actually reads this opening, so let’s get into the fun part:


I honestly don’t know what my plans are, so I’m assuming that I’ll be watching this in my living room with a pair of two year-olds spilling juice all over me. I’m going to make bison chili and I’ll be sipping some Iowa Eagle beers (a very drinkable light beer from Iowa Brewing Co) and maybe setting up a new grill if I feel up to it. I’m declaring this the last week of IPA season, so after the kids go to bed I’ll start drinking some IPAs that are in the fridge before replacing them with some darker ales for the winter.


I’ll be in the Queen City this week again. Basketball scrimmages, game tape, and basementing again. Making stairs so we’ll see how this goes. Anywho, it’s lite beer but only up until the point I feel like hurling my can at the screen watching the high school team turn it over again. Then I should stop. Oh yeah, and Indiana plays at some point. Pass.

Green Akers

I’ll be in Michigan’s own Bavarian-themed tourist trap, lovely Frankenmuth, to finally finish the drill and get married on attempt #3. Among the open bar selection, we have a keg of Hofbrau, so hopefully I have a moment to sip on one. I will finally achieve Off Tackle Empire “writer” nirvana by not watching a second of college football and still confidently voting in next week’s power poll.


Some activities are happening in the morning, then I’ll be watching Penn State decide whether it’s going to mail the rest of their season in or if the three game losing streak was the aberration. Since it’s a noon game, I will most likely still be drinking coffee.


Nebraska isn’t playing, which is nice. I need to do some yard winterizing, and Saturday looks like the day weather-wise to do it. I’m excited to finally be home for a full weekend for the first time since the first weekend of October, and plan to celebrate by tackling some deep cleaning for upcoming Thanksgiving festivities. Pretty cool, adulthood. I do hope for some downtime though. Maybe I’ll have another of those apple cider cocktails (Stonewalls?) suggested a few weeks ago.


I’ll be in lesser madison (there’s nothing great about it, after all), hanging with a rad dude who occasionally spits up on himself and shits his pants...and also my 5-month-old godson. (My buddy can’t help it...he’s a badger, after all.)Just visiting friends, having a couple beers, and hate-watching Northwestern-wisconsin with a household of badgers (is that the collective noun? @Creighton make the poll ask what a collective of badgers should be called). We will be making what I have decided are called Peanut Butter Cups: coffee, chocolate milk, and peanut butter whiskey, then drinking an assortment of beers from One Barrel, Indeed, and New Glarus. After the game’s over (so midway through the second quarter) we’ll probably do some tummy time, maybe blow some raspberries...a good time will be had by all.


I dunno. It depends on what the kids want to do. The weather won’t be cooperating, so there might be a Gopher Hockey game or two, and I would be more than happy to sneak a flask of peppermint schnapps in to pour into a coffee or hot chocolate while watching RIT get shredded at Ridder Arena.


My sister-in-law is a Michigan fan, but an otherwise decent lady. I’m taking her and her boyfriend to Lewistown, PA to watch the game at a sports bar, then it’s on to State College for celebratory ice cream at the Berkey Creamery.


The most fun fall wedding I’ve been to in recent memory was also the only one to take place during an Illinois bye week. Coincidentally, it also took place at a Bavarian themed venue. I ended up making off with a boot.

Anyway I’m also in Frankenmuth, is my point. I don’t think this wedding will use Malört shots as a toast though, so what I’m gonna be drinking on is anyone’s guess.

Dead Read

I will be at home in beautiful downtown Lincoln. It is a sad thing that I find football weekends more enjoyable when my team is idle.


I’ll be at home with my family in Chicago. I’ll try to pick up some local IPAs or maybe some early Christmas beer if it’s out.


I’ll be hanging out with my sister and her family and another nephew. Probably ignoring them for a few hours. Drinking beer.


I’m still in No. Fla. Where I’ll watch PSU v Michigan in total isolation. Probably drinking an entire six pack of Einstok beer.

Thanks for joining us, now go vote in the poll and then head down to the comments and let us know what you’re imbibing tomorrow.


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