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The Big Ten East Is On The Line, Part 1: Week 12 Preview

The Big Ten West is on all kinds of lines.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Kyle Robertson / USA TODAY NETWORK

Two more weeks to decide the divisional races!

But first! Let’s talk about the national scene!

  • The Big XII has quite the parting gift for Texas and Oklahoma.
  • Should Rocky Lombardi start for a Big Ten school next year?
  • How does the committee eventually justify jumping Notre Dame over Cincinnati?
  • What’s it gonna take for Stanford to tank Oregon’s playoff hopes by being so bad the loss can’t be ignored?
  • Washington fires Jimmy Lake and Butch Davis fires FIU

Meanwhile, In The Big Ten!

  • Is there any hope for the worst pass defense in the country against Ohio State’s receiving corps? Andrew picks C.J. Stroud as a fantasy QB hoping to at least get something out of him torching the Spartans.
  • Can Kenneth Walker at least get invited to New York to watch Bama Guy Or Ohio State Guy Or Maybe Georgia Guy win?
  • When will November Northwestern show up and why is the answer “against Illinois?”
  • Can Northwestern’s underrated secondary make things interesting against a Purdue team that struggles to run the ball?
  • Why I think Rutgers beating Penn State on the road is by no means unthinkable
  • Why I also think Illinois beating Iowa is within the realm of possibility
  • Why I backtracked on that thought and picked Iowa to win big.
  • How does Nebraska dominate the second half and lose by single digits THIS week?
  • What else are we watching in college football this year?

Give us a listen or you’ll find yourself woefully unprepared for football, and you will not be recognized by the Institute for Football Preparedness.