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Indiana Hoosier Pregame #11: Slip Into Sweet Unconsciousness

Too bad I could only afford a wiffle-ball bat.

God bless these drunks.

One more lackluster preview before a game I kind of care about but don’t really because we suck. It’s Minnesota this week. Minnesota is a team that has it’s own concerns and should have been beatable. The last game against Rutgers has spoken otherwise and I fully expect a beatdown in Memorial Stadium again. Let’s see what’s going on.

History and Fun Facts



  • These two schools have played 9 times since 2000, with the Minnesota Golden Gophers coming out on top 6 times to the Hoosier’s 3 wins.
  • The last time the Indiana Hoosiers beat the Gophers was in 2007.
  • This series isn’t nearly as lopsided as most of the Indiana series are.

Fun Facts

  • Minnesota people have cool accents.
  • Minnesota is cold.
  • No third fun fact was researched.

What to Watch For

1) How poorly can Nick Sheridan position himself for his next gig?

Sheridan is on his way out. There’s no mistaking that. I just wonder who would hire him next given how awful this year has gone. If it goes worse, he may wind up back in D2 or D3.

2) Will Tom Allen actually use conventional football wisdom or will he just Leeroy Jenkins situations?

Tom Allen prefers to spend his timeouts in weird ways. He makes strange decisions to go for some 4th downs and not others. I assume that the team has been in group hugs all week trying to get back the love. Has he instead chewed ass and lit a fire under some of his players? Will he not call a time out in the first 5 minute of the second half on a 1st and 5 after an offsides penalty as the playclock winds down? Who knows? Don’t tune in to find out though.

3) Will anyone important get hurt?

Just don’t get our freshman QB killed please.

Any Last Words?

No. Don’t watch this garbage heap of a season. Basketball returns Sunday. Just take a nap tomorrow instead.

Gametime: 11/20 – 3:30 PM EST – BTN