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College Football Playoff Ranking Reactions: Six Big Ten teams ranked, THREE in the Top 10

The rankings are out, and it’s Michigan State, Ohio State, and Michigan leading the pack but behind the SEC...with three in the West lurking in the mud.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Michigan State Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Ohhhhh boy will this be fun.

College Football Playoff Rankings

1. Georgia Bulldogs
2. Alabama Crimson Tide

3. Michigan State Spartans

4. Oregon Ducks

5. Ohio State Buckeyes

6. Cincinnati Bearcats

7. Michigan Wolverines

8. Oklahoma Sooners
9. Wake Forest Demon Deacons
10. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
11. Oklahoma State Cowboys
12. Baylor Bears
13. Auburn Tigers
14. Texas A&M Aggies
15. BYU Cougars
16. Ole Miss Rebels
17. Mississippi State Bulldogs
18. Kentucky Wildcats
19. NC State Wolfpack

20. Minnesota Gophers
21. Wisconsin Badgers
22. Iowa Hawkeyes

23. Fresno State Bulldogs
24. San Diego State Aztecs
25. Pittsburgh Panthers

Rapid Reactions

WSR: Cool.

Townie: This is the first iteration. The committee put it up to give some teams (ahem...Pitt) false hope. This does suck for the B1G East. Those three teams still have to play each other.

OSU has to beat both UM and MSU to stay in the hunt. Noter Dumb has to play /checks notes...The Sisters of the Blind and some other ACC teams without merit. So they will stay ranked as will Cincinnati, barring some catastrophe (on the order of losing to Illinois).

So, suffice it to say that this is a first draft kinda ranking and I expect big (B1G) changes in the next few weeks. Best of luck Minnesota fans.

Thumpasaurus: Objection! Oregon suffered a catastrophe on the order of losing to Illinois and is still CFP #4. Seriously, look at Stanford’s season and tell me they’re not the same as Illinois. They found some weakness to put a nail in the coffin of a high-profile underperforming coach early (USC to Illinois’ Nebraska), got trucked by a P5 also-ran (K State/UVA), beat one of the worst teams in the country (Vanderbilt/Charlotte) and have lost all their other conference games. They even used overtimes to beat Oregon!

Cincinnati at #6 is a clear message that only top-tier broadcasting rights groups need apply. Having two one-loss teams ahead of them and really only having a game against SMU and the conference title game against (presumably) Houston left, they’ll be lucky to stay in the top 10 even if they don’t lose again.

I can’t foresee a situation where two Big Ten East teams make it. Michigan State doesn’t have the Poll Inertia to lose to Ohio State and still make it by ducking the CCG like 2017 Bama did.

Last year the committee broke new ground by admitting a conference championship game loser to the CFP for the first time in Notre Dame. This specific circumstance was because they had been undefeated in the regular season and beaten Clemson, who evened the series in the CCG. This may be naive, but I still think they won’t put both Bama and Georgia in if Bama wins the CCG, and I think they’ll exclude Georgia because they only met once with Bama winning.

However, I’m a sucker for talking about that particular facet as much as I have. The most consistent thing throughout the CFP era has been that the committee changes their mind week to week, often justifying this week’s rankings with logic that directly contradicts last week’s. The week-to-week CFP rankings are designed to create this article and get you to click on it (#8 Oklahoma), so expect a LOT of movement.

Green Akers: Fortunately, this is all irrelevant because there’s no way we’re beating Ohio State, but just contemplating another postseason matchup with Bama transposes an image of me on the Vietnam flashback meme. Seriously, Georgia’s a considerably better team this year but I’d way rather play them than Saban again. We Do Not Want Bama.

Fun to be up here for the moment, though! I even like our odds of avoiding the letdown the next two weeks, so let’s get a few more shots of that lovely green helmet in that bracket for the ‘crootin literature, keep it respectable against OSU, and finish strong against PSU to claim our lil’ ol’ consolation prize in Pasadena…just as long as the bowls send Bama to the Sugar Bowl if they lose to Georgia and get left out of the field.

Also, LMAO Wake Forest is going to run the table and get jumped by Notre Dame and all TFFL’s talking heads want to talk about is Cincinnati being disrespected.

MC ClapYoHandz: Not much in the way of hot takes I guess but I am bummed about Cincinnati as their resume will likely only get more diluted from here, though SMU is a nice game.

Don’t really agree with Wisconsin or Minnesota being ranked, would be fine with someone like Houston having a spot instead, at least for now. Crown the Demon Deacons you cowards!

BoilerUp89: I have yet to watch a single edition of the college football playoff. Because quite frankly I don’t care which of Ohio State, Clemson, or Alabama wins. It would be nice however if college football had a system that allowed everyone to have a theoretical chance of winning it all instead of choosing teams based on TV ratings.

Cincinnati has a better win by the CFP’s own standards than Alabama or Ohio State and is ranked behind them.

Cincinnati has no losses and is behind 1 loss Oregon, Alabama, and Ohio State.

SMU and Houston are purposefully left out of the rankings.

UTSA is 8-0 and didn’t even make the top 25.

It’s a rigged system and the CFP committee should be ashamed of themselves for bowing down to Mickey Mouse’s wishes. Cool for MSU I guess, but again they should have been ranked #2.

Tell us why you’re enraged in the comments!