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Ohio State Salts The Earth: Big Ten Football Week 12 In Review

There’s “leave no doubt” and there’s “500 first half yards”

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Good gosh almighty, there’s just one more week to go.

We kicked off Week 12 by going to Ypsilanti for some Tuesday Night MACtion, so first you’ll hear about the experience and you’ll learn that one doesn’t simply waltz into the legendary Rynearson Stadium and kick field goals against the roar of the South Endzone Stadium Club.


  • Ohio State salted the earth where Michigan State once had a civilization. How did it get so out of hand so quickly?
  • Is Ohio State Fatalism (Ohio Statalism) justified yet? Their last regular season conference loss remains the 2018 Purdue game.
  • How did Penn State break an extremely B1G stalemate with The ‘Gers?
  • Why do the Nerncats insist on Wrigley Field?
  • How did Illinois and Iowa combine for 56 points in the same football game?
  • What exactly is Mike Locksley’s long term vision?
  • Nebraska continues to Nebraska. How do they keep doing this?