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The Path For The Michigan Wolverines To Beat Ohio State In Football: Big Ten Rivalry Week Preview

Our Heroes must Axe some questions. Buckethat?

NCAA Football: Michigan at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

One more week to go! IT’S BIG TEN RIVALRY WEEK!

And it’s also podcast time! Let’s check on the rest of the country.

  • A postmortem of the Dan Mullen era at Florida
  • Coaching carousel updates and speculation!
  • Is there a Heisman candidate besides Bama Guy and Buckeye Guy?
  • Texas could find themselves in last place if they lose next week

We then pivot to RIVALRY WEEK and ask the BURNING QUESTIONS!

  • Are there any details left to fill in about Iowa’s impending 27-24 victory over Nebraska?
  • What’s the state of Penn State’s passing game and is it good enough to derail Michigan State’s NY6 hopes?
  • Check out the horrid receiving lines in Wisconsin vs Minnesota!
  • Is there a path for Illinois to make their seventh straight loss to the Nerncats somewhat respectable?
  • How exactly can Indiana move the ball? Part...6? 7?
  • Can talent beat coaching? It’s RUTGERLAND TIME!
  • In the unlikely event that Michigan were to defeat Ohio State, how would it happen?

Here’s the podcast. This is gonna need to be your soundtrack as you prepare for Buttgers Thanksgiving tomorrow morning. Don’t show your face around your family until you’re prepared to discuss the pod, because that’s all they’ll be talking about.