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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 13

It’s called Black Friday because it marks the day that we switch from IPAs to stouts

I don’t know what to write for this part tonight. It’s 11 pm, I’ve been eating a heavy diet of starch and pie all day and washing it back with Talisker. I hope everyone had a good holiday and safe travels, and I hope there were enough leftovers for at least several meals of thanksgiving chaos sandwiches.

Welcome to Where We Be, What We Be Drinking. Let’s see what the “writers” are doing for game day:


As I write this, I have zero plans for tomorrow (or as you read this today I guess, since Iowa is playing at 12:30) Smart money says I’ll stay at home drinking beer an eating leftovers all day, but I got a last-minute invitation to meet some cousins at a bar so it sort of depends on if I can get my wife’s blessing to leave her alone with two 2-year-olds. If I stay at home I’ve got some pretzel stouts and winter warmers to work my way through, otherwise I’ll probably stick to light beer if I go out.


I’ll be with my family out in the Chicago suburbs visiting my family and Mrs. LPW’s family. I’ll have some nice IPAs to wash away the stench of the football season.


In State College with the Townie Clan. No beer, just some good wine and a highball or three. Teaching the kiddos to split and stack wood for grandpa Townie (who is livid about them extending Franklin, lol).


Call me a glutton for punishment, but I’ll be in Ann Arbor this weekend at the Michigan/Ohio State game.


I’ll be drinking whiskey in Cincinnati and hope that the Boilers get their first 8 win season during my fandom.

Green Akers

I did pull the trigger on tickets, so I’ll be in East Lansing to see if a short handed MSU can take back their bowling trophy and punch a ticket for an NY6 bowl. It’s supposed to be pretty cold and I’m not planning on tailgating (MSU’s scene isn’t worth the effort on nice days, let alone when it’s cold and the crowd will likely be sparse), so the drink will likely be overpriced stadium hot chocolate.


I will be in the Queen City frantically preparing the basement for carpet, mudding, and throw practice in there as well. It may be the first time in years I’ve not paid attention to the Bucket game, but if I do watch I’ll have a lite beer of some sort.


I’ll be in the woods of northwestern wisconsin, praying my in-laws don’t actually try to have a “debate” about an article written by the American Enterprise Institute claiming that we’re “weaponizing history”.I will be drinking scotch, probably some imported beer because that’s what my FIL likes, and, if necessary, paint thinner.


I believe during the game I’ll be on the picturesque Old Mission Peninsula near Traverse City. At some point during the game, we’ll end up at Bowers Harbor Vineyards, which is just this fantastic place that, like many of the wineries in the area, produces world class sweet whites. Several of their wines are named for dogs.

I don’t believe there are any TV’s at any of these places, and cell reception is often spotty. A perfect place to hide from another bitter and decisive LOLHAT defeat.


Visiting family in Erie, PA. By noon on Saturday I’ll be counting the hours until I get to return to relative peace and quiet. Since I’m driving, I will have no more than one beer early. Going to make that solitary brew worth it by making it a Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout, thus closing out My Great B1G Beer Tour 2021.


So we’re doing Thanksgiving on Friday this year, for reasons, so that likely means I’ll still be in a coma from eating way too much food for a single human. Also there will be people here and I guess I should host them and stuff?


I’ve got some family coming down from NoDak on Friday, and I think we’re planning to watch the game, until it gets too gross, anyway.

Dead Read

Lovely downtown Lincoln. Nephews coming over, so Iowa will win.

Alright you turkeys, head down to the comments and let us know how you’re spending the last game day of the regular season.