B1G Survivor 2021 Wrap Up

Congratulations to Whipples, our 2021 B1G Survivor Champion!

We started with a field of 102 contestants back in August, and went into Week 13 with four still alive. Fourth place goes to StateOfRutgers, as the pick of PSU over MSU didn´t pan out. We had three of our four remaining players make a successful Week 13 pick, but none of them had their last remaining team make it to the CCG.

So now we´re down to tiebreakers. First, we look at the overall records of the remaining contestants´ teams::


thegyufromy-wega (Nw)

Whipples (OSU)

Since Northwestern finished with a worse overall record than OSU, theguyfromy-wega finishes in Third place. Next, we go to SOV tiebreaker between RTVF82 and Whipples:

RTVF82´s picks´ opponents went 45-108, while Whipples´ went 56-96. This gives Whipples the Title, and puts RTVF82 in Second.

I had a couple of people ask for a breakdown of which teams knocked the most people out. First, we´ll do the breakdown of who got knocked out by which pick:

Iowa 17

No-show 17

Penn St 16

Illinois 16

Minnesota 8

Nebraska 7

Indiana 6

Northwestern 4

Rutgers 3

Ohio St 2

Purdue 1

Maryland 1

Michigan 1

Late pick 1

Double pick 2

Next, here is a list of the biggest ¨spoiler¨ teams:

Illinois 17

Purdue 17


Rutgers 10

Bowling Green 7

Duke 3

Nebraska 3

Wisconsin 2

Michigan St 2

Ohio St 1

Iowa 1

Notre Dame 1

Minnesota 1

Michigan 1

Looks like Illinois is our biggest ¨agent of chaos¨! Congrats to them?

Congratulations to our winner, and thanks to everyone for another fun season! And thanks again to the OTE staff for front-paging these posts and adding pictures throughout the year!