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The Clock Strikes Midnight On Michigan And Iowa: Big Ten Football Week 9 Recap

Down go two more division leaders

Syndication: Lansing State Journal Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Spooky Season has concluded for the world outside of college football, but in our bubble here it’s just getting started.

Here’s how the magic got distributed as Week 9 shook out!

  • Will Kenneth Walker get a Heisman invite?
  • Could Michigan have benefitted from getting more game reps in on downfield passing earlier in the season?
  • How did the Wolverines lose control of this game? Do they have the wherewithal to get past this devastating loss with everything but Paul Bunyan potentially still on the table?
  • Did I or did I not repeatedly tell you that Wisconsin was going to thump Iowa?
  • When the Hawks got to 6-0, that meant they needed to go 2-4 over their last six games to reach 8-4. Why is anyone surprised they’ve lost two straight?
  • ILLINUTGERS VIII. B1G T3N F00TB4LL. How was Bert outBerted?
  • Is Indiana ready to look for encouraging signs of recovery next year?
  • Maryland won a game in October! Is November looking up?
  • Why does Andrew Marty keep not getting into the game until it’s over?
  • Why’s everyone sleeping on Minnesota with the third best offense in the Big Ten?
  • How do PJ’s 2021 Gopherboats draw inspiration from everything he’s seen in the league?
  • How do the Scott Frost Huskers keep doing this? Does it ever end?
  • Is this Jeff Brohm’s best Purdue team?
  • How does Penn State always manage to punch with Ohio State?
  • Is James Franklin full of shit when he suggests that all opponents get equal focus and attention? (Yes)

Tried some new stuff to isolate each of us a bit better. Did it work?