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Michigan Beats Ohio State Football, Sparks Big Ten Revolution Of The Oppressed: Week 13 In Review

The oppressor class is being dismantled before your eyes

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

The winds of change are blowing fiercely as some rivalry trophies are liberated!

  • Minnesota takes The Axe and knocks Wisconsin out of the title game. Did we bother checking to see if Wisconsin can throw the ball? Some day, they might need to.
  • Nebraska did NOT take their trophy from Iowa, instead opting to follow the script to a T. How do they keep doing this?!
  • The Bucket changes hands in decisive fashion as Indiana gets the double whammy of not only having the worst Big Ten season, but having nobody even pay attention to their struggles since Nebraska’s are so much more explosive. In a prove-it year, did Jeff Brohm prove it?
  • Illinois takes the HAT for the first time since their previous uniform set was new. Are better things possible for the Illini? Where does Northwestern go from here?
  • Maryland presses a talent advantage to blast Rutgers and make a bowl. Can Mike Locksley rack up enough talent to win more games with this style? Can Greg Schiano close the talent gap enough to do the Big Ten Never Throw The Ball thing?
  • Michigan State liberates the LAZERS! How did Penn State fall from such lofty heights?
  • Michigan beats Ohio State for the first time in a decade. How did it happen and WHAT DOES IT MEAN?