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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 9

something clever usually goes here

Hey hey! It’s Where We Be, What We Be Drinking. The title self-explanatory, possibly because all the “writers” are old now and we get confused easily. Ok, let’s get to it:


I’m doing family stuff for breakfast, then hanging out and watching the game with friends from out of town. We’ll get some Pagliai’s Pizza for game time snacks. Beers will probably be 7%-9% IPAs because that’s all my friend drinks, so let’s hope Iowa plays just enough offense that I don’t drink so much I wake up blind.


I will be blissfully unaware of the football taking place on Saturday. Book club in the morning (“Angle of Repose” by Wallace Stegner, it’s terrific and the writing is ethically complicated, so it should be a great discussion) and then dragging my boyfriend to the “Hamilton” performance in Omaha in the afternoon. It is pretty much my ideal day, and none of it involves watching the Huskers get crushed by OSU.


Downtown Milwaukee, at a wedding. Whatever they host is fair game, though I’ll have also been in Sheboygan earlier in the morning, so perhaps some Three Sheeps there? Maybe some MobCraft (and certainly plenty to mule home) in the afternoon in Milwaukee? Either way, I will—to parrot BRT—do my best to similarly be blissfully unaware of the ‘Cats game against Iowa. I assume it’ll be a 20-7 strangling.

[editor’s note: I hope he doesn’t think the Kirk Ferentz offense is going to be the one that scores 20 points tomorrow]


Well it’s kind of cold to go anything picking anymore, so that’s done for the year! But otherwise, I’ll be coming up with activities for the children while tangentially paying attention to see if Penn State will make it four in a row or if Petty Franklin will show up and blast Maryland for what happened last year.


I will be home in the Queen City. After practice gets out around noon, due to unfortunate events I’ve got to go to Lowe’s and get a natural gas and a carbon monoxide detector. Then, assuming things go right, hopefully, maybe get some basement stuff done before I watch Indiana’s season be mathematically over. I will be drinking probably a shitty lite college beer or two.


I will be at Historic TCF Bank Huntington Bank Gopher Football Stadium to watch the Gophers play Illinois. Grain Belts will probably be consumed, but I may need to come up with some ridiculous Thump-inspired shot for tailgating as well.

Green Akers

I’ll be home in metro Detroit, but will drop out of the game early to go catch a standup show I bought tickets for months ago. It’s only Purdue, I’m sure it will be fine.

Brian Gillis

I’m taking to the skies again this weekend. I’ll be in Ann Arbor, watching Michigan host Indiana. I’m not sure what to expect from the Wolverines after last week’s disappointment, but I’m fully expecting that this is the week the Hoosiers get it together and play their best game of the season.


Was considering going to College gameday since they are in town and the Cincinnati game later in the afternoon. However, I don’t feel like booing ESPN for a few hours (and I’m fairly certain the entire show is going to be either booing or just nobody other than some Xavier fans showing up) so now it’s just maybe the UC game. If I decide that tickets are too expensive or I’m just feeling lazy, I’ll content myself with watching Purdue Pete murder an innocent ranked Spartans team.

RU in VA

Looking forward to Rutgers embarrassing Wisconsin at the SHI, running up their winning record against the West. I can’t even type that. I’m not gonna watch this game, but I’ll offer opinions like I did. I will be buying a new 80” plus TV for my basement, so recommendations welcome. I’m transitioning into dark beer SZN, so a few bombers of Three Notched Biggie S’mores Marshmallow Stout will be bought for an outrageous price and enjoyed.

[Editor’s note: The Biggie S’mores is amazing, it’s one of the only things from Virginia that I’m going to miss. I have 2 or 3 bottles of every vintage going back to 2017, which was a barrel-aged version]


I will finally, for the first time in 4 weeks, be spending a CFB Saturday at home in Greensboro, watching football. And I will be gosh darned if I have to watch Wisconsin shit the bed and effing Rutgers. No idea what I’ll be drinking.

Dead Read

Beautiful downtown Lincoln - there will be no niblings visiting. You know what that means,...a Husker upset for the ages! Four More Years, etc.


I’ll be freezing my ass in NoFla. Weather report says our high is 62 degrees Saturday. And rainy. WTF? If I wanted to be somewhere that was cold and rainy, I’d visit Maryland in April. That forecast means I’ll be eschewing beer for something stronger...bourbon it is. ? And I’m breaking out my 1980’s vintage

Champion PSU sweatshirt. It’s the old kind, that was hard, instead of the fleecy versions they make now.

I love that sweat shirt. The letters are sewn on, not printed.


Heading to College Park to see if the Nittany Lions can stop the skid against Mike Locksley. I’ll have some beer or another early, really looking forward to The Chessie.


I’ll be at home with my family. I’ll pick up some revolution brewing and goose island brews.

Depending on when you’re reading this you’ve got around 24 hours before your team disappoints you, so let’s have some fun and keep this discussion going down in the comments.