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Indiana Hoosier Pregame #9: It’s Almost Over

This stopped being fun 3 losses ago.

Indiana Daily Student

Welp….this is it. This is the week! This week, Indiana officially plays for its season. Yeah, last week I said it was for the season, but that wasn’t mathematically correct. Mathematically, this is for the season. Lose this week, and it is officially no bowl for the Indiana Hoosiers. Wouldn’t you know it, Indiana also has to play Michigan in the Big House for all the marbles too. Well, it’s not all the marbles. It’s some of the marbles because Indiana would still have to beat a streaking Minnesota team to go bowling. Any who, let’s see if how quick I can do this because each second I spend thinking about this football seasons kills me just a little bit.

History and Fun Facts

That...that sucks.


  • In 69 games (nice) against the Michigan Wolverines, Indiana only has won 10 times.
  • Last year, Indiana snapped a losing streak to Michigan dating back to 1987.
  • Indiana has not won in Ann Arbor since 1967.
  • In the last 10 games, the margin of victory for either team (Michigan usually) has been below ten points 4 times.

Fun Facts

  • Losing this game eliminates Indiana from bowl potential.
  • Michigan is cold most of the year.
  • Jim Harbaugh is the coach at Michigan.

What to Watch For

1) Will Indiana get Donaven McCulley killed?

This is probably the single most important question of the game and rest of the season. This year, the o-line has gotten 2 QBs hurt. McCulley is suppose to be the heir to the Penix throne. Back when Peyton Ramsey got his first shot in relief of Richard Lagow, that offensive line got him killed in a game…I believe vs Maryland. So will Indiana wreck the new car they just bought? Tune in to find out but odds are pretty good.

2) Can Indiana win this game?

I’ll say it again, I think this team is actually pretty good on defense. Also, Michigan may not be great on offense. We really don’t know how to measure Michigan as a team. They lost to Michigan State. by 4. Indiana lost to Michigan State by 5. I mean I’m not telling you to bet the house on Indiana, but it’s not going to be the most shocking thing to see if Indiana does pull it off. Michigan could be completely demoralized after last week but then again so could Indiana.

3) With Indiana out of any meaningful bowl potential, will you still write these?

Dear readers, I will. They won’t be long and elegant when we face off against the ‘gers and Minny, but I’ll give you a little somethin’ somethin’ for the Purdue game.

Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen

In all honesty, this season is over after this weekend. Don’t expect to see Tiawan Mullen play another snap. Don’t expect to see Penix back on the field. Don’t expect to see anything other than young guys getting minutes. That said, it does appear that Indiana has a nice chance to build into next season with some key pieces like McCulley.

As of now, Indiana still has its highest rated recruiting class ever coming in next year. They lose a lot of talent this season, but given the right hires should see some significant improvement into next year. Coming in and giving Michigan a game that actually looks good would go a long way in helping put out some of the fires going on in the fan base. Here’s hoping Tom Allen can pull them together.

Gametime: 11/6 – 7:30 PM EST – FOX