B1G Survivor 2021 Week 11

After a couple weeks of seeing quite a few eliminations, Week 10 of B1G Survivor was pretty quiet. Our only knockout was of a player who didn´t get their pick in on time. Most of the remaining field cruised to easy victories. Here are the ten remaining competitors: Note: I have changed the first grouping to now represent the teams you have not yet picked.

ajcuster (Neb, Nw, OSU, PSU) [Ind, Neb, Ind, Mary, Ind, Rut]

boilerlion31 (Ind, Iowa, Nw, OSU) [Rut, Nw, Nw, Mary]

David_Anderson (Ind, Mary, OSU, PSU) [Ill, Ind, Nw, Nw, Nw]

Hollywood Hawk...(Ind, Iowa, MSU, Nw) [Mary, Nw, Nw, Mary]

JayMPSU (Ill, Ind, Iowa, Nw) [Mary, Mary, Ill, Mary]

RTVF82 (Iowa, Mich, OSU, Pur) [Ill, Ind, Mary, Ind, Mary]

StateOfRutgers (Ind, Iowa, PSU, Pur) [Ill, Ind, Mary, PSU, Ind]

theguyfrom.... (Iowa, Nw, OSU, Pur) [Ill, Ind, Nw, Nw, Mary]

waw (Ind, Iowa, MSU, OSU) [Neb, Mary, Neb, Mary]

whipples (Iowa, Mary, MSU, OSU) [Neb, Mary, Neb, Mary]

Note: the first grouping is the teams you have not yet picked, and the second grouping contains the B1G opponents of the teams you have picked. Once a particular team in grouping #2 shows up three times, it will be bolded, and cannot be picked against for the rest of the year.

Here is the Week 11 Schedule. All games are on Saturday

Northwestern @ Wisconsin

Michigan @ Penn St

Minnesota @ Iowa

Rutgers @ Indiana

Purdue @ Ohio St

Maryland @ Michigan St

All picks are due Saturday at 11 AM Central