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Scott Frost is having a day....

I bet Scott Frost would rather get a root canal then the performance review and salary adjustment he got today.... yikes...

Michigan v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts and football coach Scott Frost put out a joint statement today.

And then, as I was writing this, Frosty cleared house!

As always, your faithful amateur sportsblogyellers had some thought about this on our writers’s lounge, aka OTE slack.

LPW: This looks like the proverbial vote of confidence, aka, the kiss of death

Frost always looks like he’s just burned out. Can’t say I blame him

I always look at coaches in five year increments, based on the fact that Notre Dame gave Cincy Moeller HS head coach Gerry Faust five years. let’s throw out last year due to covid.

Frosty’s got his work cut out for him

Nebraska’s just another team in the west from my viewpoint. To the kids these days, there’s nothing special about that program. the glory days happened before they were born

(After he was forced to fire some assistants)

Jesse: I don’t really have a lot to say here because, well, let’s be real... Y’all aren’t here for what I have to say anyways. You’re here to laugh and argue. Anyhow, the bottom line for me is that this makes sense. There’s obviously a lot of financial accommodations that will happen to make this work and save probably what we would’ve spent firing him anyways. It’s a low-risk, high-upside deal.

Oh, and with all the firings, it’s even still good for the fans who want blood! But for real, I dunno, what’s another year of [gestures wildly] all this. Sidenote, who had “Erik Chinander” as best Nebraska coach after year four?

BoilerUp89: Pretty obvious that this is about the money and not about giving Scott Frost the opportunity to turn things around in year 5. $20 million buyouts aren’t cheap especially a year after COVID financial losses and after spending $155 million on a football facility and after spending the 2nd most amount of dead money in college athletics the past decade. Eventually boosters stop being willing to pony up the money.

Alberts did what he could to limit the damage as much as possible. He forced Frost to start over on offense with new coaches. He negotiated a restructured contract - likely due to Frost a) wanting to still be the hero coach as his alma-mater and b) the threat of taking the Tennessee path and making up violations so he could be fired for cause and get nothing. There is even a slim chance that with Chinander running the defense and someone else taking the offense out of Frost’s hands that Frost becomes the figure head for the actual coaches doing the job and it works. More likely Frost is a dead man walking in year 5, but Bill Moos didn’t leave the current administration a lot of options here. This was the best one they had.

Green Akers: Oh he’s fired as fuck

StewMonkey13: But he bought himself a year. I’ll bet the buyout is reduced by ~75%

WSR: And Brian Ferentz can continue to tell all of them he’ll be gone.

StewMonkey13: Which could save the AD >$10 million

Kind of...: As a Wisconsin fan, let me offer up some jokes about Chattanooga and UW getting ready to test the Husker rush defense with a new frosh star in less than two weeks. Oh, wait, I’m being told we have footage from Vice Chancellor Alberts’s meeting with Frosty today. Let’s go live to the action:

NEVER go against the family.


When will Scott Frost lose his job?

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    This year
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    Next year
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  • 20%
    He’ll turn it around and he’ll keep his job
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  • 12%
    Lil’ Red takes over coaching Nebraska
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WSR: This wasn’t a renegotiation at all. This was an ultimatum. I’m trying to look at everything here and all I’m coming up with is that Nebraska wanted to fire Scott Frost, but they can’t afford it. There’s no way to force a guy to fire all of his offensive assistants, make him take a pay cut, and cut the buyout in half if you want him around. So either Scott Frost cobbles together a staff of offensive coaches that can’t get a job anywhere else (which trust me, this is exactly what Nebraska will be looking at because everyone can see that there is no job security here) and they get to whatever arbitrary number Trev Alberts and others decide, or Nebraska starts over yet again.