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Minnesota And Iowa Football Beat Traffic: Big Ten Week 10 Recap

It’s not about whether you won or lost, it’s about getting to bed at a reasonable hour

NCAA Football: Iowa at Northwestern Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

I really think we’re on to something here.

The Beat Traffic movement is really starting to take over the Big Ten. Kirk Ferentz is of course its progenitor and most fervent adherent, but of course Pat Fitzgerald is a big supporter. PJ Fleck and Bret Bielema put on quite a display of speedrunning a football game this weekend. Greg Schiano is a true believer as well. Jim Harbaugh and Tom Allen would also like to manage games this way, and of course Faceless Dad Paul Chryst is a Beat Traffic stalwart.

As Daylight Savings Time moves sunset an hour earlier, their fervor will only grow stronger. Purdue and Nebraska try to defy this mindset to varying degrees of success, but the rest of the West is down to Sim Through End Of Quarter.

  • I virtually nailed Nebraska’s outcome. I think Ohio State was supposed to miss the last field goal to make it 23-17. Nebraska loves to live in that range. They’re capable of playing anyone in the country to a single digit loss. I don’t know how they keep doing it. It’s miraculous. Erik Chinander deserves a lot of credit.
  • We recorded this before the Scott Frost offensive bloodletting, but I imagine it’ll have a similar effect on the long term viability of Frost that the 2018 defensive coordinator firing had on Lovie’s long-term viability.
  • What the hell happened to Minnesota’s offense?
  • Signs you’re in the process of getting Berted and how to avoid getting Berted yourself.
  • PJ continues to borrow from the rest of the Big Ten by ripping off Kirk Ferentz!
  • Wisconsin now has a clear path to Indianapolis and was never as bad as the early season made them look
  • Wisconsin and Illinois have found offensive success with the exact same trick. Defensive coordinators HATE this one weird trick.
  • A week with some tremendous receiving performances was punctuated by Jahan Dotson and the newly-christened JSN.
  • Turns out Michigan’s passing game wasn’t that explosive, Michigan State just hadn’t been challenged by a functional passing offense.
  • How did they Purdue it?
  • What do you do going forward as Indiana?
  • What’s Michigan doing with their quarterbacks and uhhhh why?
  • How did Iowa play an even game and win the turnover battle 3-0, but only win by 5?

All that and probably a bit more!