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College Football Playoff Rapid Reactions: Wait...why are Iowa and Purdue here?

Ohio State is in the College Football Playoff. Ho hum.

Ohio State v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

You know the song and dance.

College Football Playoff Rankings

25. Arkansas Razorbacks
24. Utah Utes
23. UTSA Roadrunners
22. San Diego State Aztecs
21. Pittsburgh Panthers

20. Iowa Hawkeyes?!?!?!?
19. Purdue Boilermakers lolololololol
18. Wisconsin Badgers

17. Auburn Tigers
16. NC State Wolfpack
15. Ole Miss Rebels
14. BYU Cougars
13. Baylor Bears
12. Wake Forest Demon Deacons
11. Texas A&M Aggies
10. Oklahoma State Cowboys
9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
8. Oklahoma Sooners

7. Michigan State Spartans
6. Michigan Wolverines

5. Cincinnati Bearcats

4. Ohio State Buckeyes

3. Oregon Ducks
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
1. Georgia Bulldogs


MNW: Legitimately surprised Oklahoma didn’t move up. I guess the committee is prepared to vault the Bedlam winner into the Top 6 at Cincinnati’s expense, though.

That Iowa is ranked is an indictment of the committee, who surely were forced at gunpoint by Gary Barta to rank the Hawks after they managed to beat the lowly Northwestern Wildcats by a whole 5 points. Fuck him.

That Oregon-to-CFP is all but assured is shocking, but hey, what can you do.

Buffkomodo: Gary Barta has a stupid face. Can the committee pick literally anyone else to field questions please?

BoilerUp89: Bunch of cowards. The whole lot of them. Purdue should have been unranked this week. Time to change my prediction for the OSU game. Gary Barta is a fitting spokesperson for such a cowardly, terrible, no-good committee.

Atinat: I disagree with Buff. Barta is the perfect slimebag to sell these rankings. Tune in next week!

pkloa: Zero discernible pattern besides dollar signs. As infuriating as The Formula can be (looking at you, Nebraska), at least you can kind of see how the majority of the rankings fit together. Scrap the committee, give us the BCS computers and call it a day.

Creighton: The committee wants Alabama to lose a second game sooooo badly. So they can look Cincinnati squarely in the eyes and still rank Bama 4th. Their only real motivation is some pervert squid game thing, mark my words.

Stew: There rankings are fine. They also don’t really matter.

Sure, get angry about Cincy. But their schedule sucks and ranking them outside the top 4 is hardly an outlier.

Certainly it’s a conspiracy that Michigan is over MSU, and not at all that upsets happen, especially in hostile environments and that Michigan has looked better overall throughout the season.

You have thoughts—don’t you, you silly goose?

Leave them in the comments.


Surprisingest thing here?

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    Oregon at 3
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  • 1%
    Ohio State at 4
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  • 35%
    Michigan over Michigan State
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  • 18%
    Oklahoma still at 8
    (84 votes)
  • 28%
    Iowa ranked at all
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    Something else (comments)
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