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College Football Playoff Rankings: Reaction as Michigan climbs to #2

They’re #2, alright.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Only one more of these, and we're free.

The Rankings

25. Texas A&M Aggies
24. Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns
23. Kentucky Wildcats
22. Arkansas Razorbacks
21. Houston Cougars
20. Clemson Tigers
19. San Diego State Aztecs
18. NC State Wolfpack
17. Utah Utes
16. Wake Forest Demon Deacons
15. Pittsburgh Panthers
14. Oklahoma Sooners

13. Iowa Hawkeyes

12. BYU Cougars

11. Michigan State Spartans

10. Oregon Ducks
9. Baylor Bears
8. Ole Miss Rebels

7. Ohio State Buckeyes

6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
5. Oklahoma State Cowboys
4. Cincinnati Bearcats
3. Alabama Crimson Tide

2. Michigan Wolverines

  1. Georgia Bulldogs


Stew: Sure, this fine. Who cares? I’m typically not one to shy away from opinions, but I just can’t seem to muster much of any feelings for these? They’re not really predictive, or really have any quality analysis behind them, and it has almost no impact right now.

It’s very, very meh.

BoilerUp89: Basketball is on. I don’t really care. Baylor down at 9 surprised me. With chaos I thought they were the third team out that could still make it.

RockyMtnBlue: Rank Notre Dame 3rd you cowards! (unless Michigan loses to Iowa this week. Then screw those guys.) Otherwise my only comment is Don’t let us down, Georgia!

LPW: Michigan #2? If they can survive Kirk and his failson on Saturday, then they’re gonna get boatraced in the playoffs.

Kind of...: If Cincy and MIchigan end up in a semifinal matchup, I really look forward to OSU fans glomming onto Cincy (“Fickell’s a Buckeye!”), the way they did Joe Burrow in 2019.

In any event, if you’re on #teamconspiracy, this weekend will be a great test. Houston is pretty good. Probably not as good as Baylor, but good enough that Okie State probably shouldn’t jump Cincy if they both win. But Okie State has looked good enough down the stretch, that they really should get the last spot if UGa beats Bama.

Finally, Notre Dame is hanging around at #6, playing their best football of the year. WIth an upset or two, they could sneak in and...oh, is there something else about Notre Dame I should be taking into account???

Nothing comes to mind. Give us your thoughts in the comments!