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Presenting The 2021 Off Tackle Empire General Sherman Awards For Big Ten Football Excellence

Also known as The Shermies

NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Championship-Iowa vs Michigan Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Now that everyone else has their mediocre, replacement-level college football awards out of the way, it’s time for the important ones to commence.

Dear reader, I give you: the 2021 Off Tackle Empire General Sherman Awards For Big Ten Football Excellence, delivered in mid-December to ensure that our highly meticulous writing staff is able to fully digest the season before delivering judgment.

That’s right, this venerable publication decided to subvert its long history of being accused of Not Even Watching The Games and do some extra film study.

We’re using the same format we used two years ago, so if you want to see just how accurate we were, feel free to revisit.

What do I ask of you? Why, simply that you take to the comments and make your final pleas, nominations, arguments, defenses, attacks, or irrelevant observations. Nominations and voting are still in progress even as you read this. Let your voice be heard!

No guarantee exists that we will use the information delivered by your voice.

Schedule: Part 1

Monday, December 13th: Prelude

Tuesday, December 14th:

  • Flaming Atlanta Trophy for Offensive Player Of The Year
  • George Gordon Meade Trophy for Defensive Player Of The Year
  • Foltz-Sadler Trophy For Special Teams Player Of The Year
  • Willy T Sherman Trophy for Coach Of The Year
  • Arthur MacArthur Trophy for Offensive Freshman Of The Year
  • Johnny Shiloh Trophy for Defensive Freshman Of The Year

Wednesday, December 15th:

  • All-Empire Team: Special Teams

Thursday, December 16th:

  • All-Empire Team: Defense
  • All-Empire Team: Offense

Friday, December 17th:

  • Big Ten Name of the Year

Schedule: Part 2

Part 2 will commence upon the conclusion of bowl season, where we will rank and count down to the winner of the following categories:

  • Game of the Year
  • B1Ggest Game of the Year
  • Dicktrip of the Year
  • Fall’s Tart of the Year

Well don’t just stand there, make your case!