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The Blocking Chargecast Could Go For A Sandwich

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Rutgers Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

The run up to the basketball season coincided with one of the hosts selfishly getting married, so this year’s debut Chargecast has some catching up to do:

  • First let’s all pause and marvel at how anyone, anywhere, ever viewed Urban Meyer as a good leader
  • Big Ten/ACC Challenge in review
  • Commentary on the First Two conference games
  • Team-by-team recaps and positioning, order is essentially random so you’ll just have to listen to the whole thing
  • Recalibrating preseason expectations now that we have some data
  • Viewing guide for the rest of the year if you somehow consume this product, but bowls aren’t your thing (not a whole lot of big-ticket noncon left, TBH)

Not that we do a good job of pushing this, but consider rating and leaving a review and help us spread the gospel of Beeg further. What’s the worst that could happen if we had more power?