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The 2021 Big Ten Football Offensive and Defensive Freshman of the Year

Two more trophies to hand out before the All-Empire Teams

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Are you mad yet?

Well, if you’re not yet mad, prepare to get mad!

Remember, voters can vote for 1st through 5th place, but sometimes for whatever reason they don’t. Still, we had 14 voters name the winner of the

Arthur MacArthur Trophy for Big Ten Offensive Freshman of the Year


Braelon Allen, RB, Wisconsin Badgers

CJ Stroud got substantially more support in the Offensive Player of the Year voting, but ultimately Allen was so much better at being a freshman that the OTE staff had to pull the trigger for him.

So congratulations to Allen on not only a stellar true freshman season, but also on truly exemplifying what it is to be a freshman, much more so than any of your peers.

Allen got 54 points and 6 first place votes and was ranked by 12 of the 14 voters

Also Receiving Votes

2nd: CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State Buckeyes | 38 points, 7 first place votes, ranked by 8/14

3rd: Trey’veon Henderson, RB, Ohio State Buckeyes | 37 points, high rank 2, ranked by 11/14

4th: Joshua McCray, RB, Illinois Fighting Illini | 22 points, 1 first place vote, ranked by 7/14

5th: Donovan Edwards, RB, Michigan Wolverines | 16 points, high rank 3, ranked by 7/14

6th: Christian Veilleux, QB, Penn State Nittany Lions | 5 points, high rank 4, ranked by 3/14

7th: Ky Thomas, RB, Minnesota Golden Gophers | 4 points (one second place vote)

8th: Mar’Keise Irving, RB, Minnesota Golden Gophers | 1 point (one 5th place vote)

And now it’s time to move on to the award that perhaps we were most divided on. The first issue of division was “should we vote for this award,” though the overwhelming choice was “no.” As a result, our 7 votes will provide an extremely...granular view of the world of Big Ten defensive freshman. But at the end of the day, one young man will get the

Johnny Shiloh Trophy for Big Ten Defensive Freshman of the Year

And that man is

Junior Colson, LB, Michigan Wolverines

Playing in every game for the Big Ten champions, Colson racked up 56 total tackles and recovered a fumble.

He also racked up 18 points, with a single first place vote and a total of 5 out of 7 voters ranking him.

Also Receiving Votes

2nd: Jer’Zhan Newton, DT, Illinois Fighting Illini | 14 points, 2 first place votes, ranked by 3/7

3rd: Tyleik WIlliams, DT, Ohio State Buckeyes | 13 points, 2 first place votes, ranked by 3/7

4th: Branden Jennings, LB, Maryland Terrapins | 12 points, high rank of 2nd, ranked by 4/7

T-5th: Cal Haladay, LB, Michigan State Spartans | 10 points, 2 first place votes and no other support

T-5th: Justin Walley, DB, Minnesota Golden Gophers | 10 points, high rank 2, ranked by 4/7

7th: Denzel Burke, DB, Ohio State Buckeyes | 7 points, high rank 3, ranked by 3/7

8th: Rod Moore, DB, Michigan Wolverines | 5 points, high rank 3, ranked by 3/7

No freshman defenders set the world on fire, with the possible exception of (5th place) Haladay, so we don’t have any comparisons to the DPOTY voting, but we certainly do have an interesting methodology here!

Brace yourselves, for tomorrow the All Empire Team begins its debut.