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Off Talkle Empire’s Conference Championship Week Preview & Coaching Carousel Extravaganza! (Podcast)

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Syracuse
Wayyyyyyyy the hell more interesting than what will happen in Indianapolis, tbqh
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It’s conference championship week in college football, but before we can get there, let’s rummage through these week-old Thanksgiving leftovers, and drop some outdated-in-five-minutes coaching carousel chatter:

  • Turns out Brian Kelly actually has competition from Lincoln Riley about who can be a bigger prick on his way out the door
  • LOLOLOLOLOLOL literally between typing that intro above and getting to this bullet, Notre Dame hiring Marcus Freeman hit the Twitterwaves
  • Dave Clawson has ruined it for every coach at a difficult job who used to be able to coast along making a bowl every third year
  • VaTech and Florida make quiet, evidently sound hires, but remember hiring a coach is basically a random number generator
  • We really wanted the Egg Bowl to be good, but then Andrew laid his fantasy football wasting disease upon it by starting both quarterbacks, meaning the teams combined for five field goal attempts before halftime
  • Stranger things have happened than Iowa beating Michigan, such as Michigan beating Ohio State, but this still feels like a foregone conclusion, and with that in mind:
  • Your championship weekend viewing guide from the perspective of actually watching entertaining football instead of listening to Herbstreit augur on the impact on the Playoff field of Georgia running for 4 yards on the opening play from scrimmage against Bama