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OTE Podcast Reaction to Big Ten Football Championship Game, Title Game Weekend & Coaching Carousel Chaos

So, did you take our advice last weekend?

NCAA Football: Conference USA Championship Game-Western Kentucky vs Texas-San Antonio
Game of the weekend.
Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

We’re a wee bit late, but the podcast itself has been out since Monday.

So, we have a bunch of questions for you!

  • Did you in fact take our advice and ignore Utah’s extremely predictable throttling of Oregon to watch the Hilltoppers damn near pull off a 29 point comeback against UTSA on Friday night?
  • Why do people still rush only 3 in Hail Mary situations?
  • How exactly did Oklahoma State run out of talent at quarterback?
  • Why can’t we just have phenomenal uniforms EVERY game? Why does it have to be for a special occasion only, like getting bulldozed in the MAC title game?
  • How must Notre Dame have felt seeing Cincy in a tight game, signaling that the Irish might be alive for the playoff, but knowing their coach already bailed?
  • Has Georgia played anyone worth a damn this year? Is their schedule really tougher than Michigan’s?
  • Wanna hear about a super awkward production moment in the ACC title game? Poor Sam Hartman.
  • Why did Iowa bother to show up when their goal the entire game seemed to be to leave the stadium as early as possible?