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Why is Michigan Basketball Scared Of Illinois? Can Indiana or Minnesota make the tournament? Blocking Chargecast!

Plus, Franuary has become Frebruary!

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Wisconsin
Don’t be afraid!
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

As winter deepens, a hastily rescheduled finale to the Big Ten basketbal season is all that will keep us warm for the next couple weeks.

Billionaires, especially in the financial sector, have been the biggest beneficiaries of COVID-19 but perhaps behind that group is the Michigan Wolverines, who now control their own destiny vis-a-vis Illinois by virtue of cancelling a game they were cleared to play.

But what else awaits us besides the thrilling cWhy is onclusion of the title race?

  • Andrew is wondering if lashing out at the sport in general when your team sucks is normal
  • Nebrasketball found a win! Will they have any more chances?
  • Outside of Nebraska, every team in the Big Ten is top-75 in Kenpom!
  • Michigan’s in the catbird seat for the league title. This one’s gonna be looked at funny.
  • The Big Ten is absurdly strong this year. How does this compare historically? This conference could produce 3 of the top 6 seeds.
  • Why Indiana vs Minnesota is the most important bubble game in the conference maybe for the rest of the year
  • Why is Minnesota so volatile?
  • ...What’s Iowa up to?

And more!