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Big Ten Tournament Preview & Basketball Regular Season Recap: Blocking Chargecast 3/11!

oops i forgot to post this on Tuesday

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament- Nebraska vs Penn State Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Some time this morning I’m going to get a bed delivered to my new house I’ve been living in for two weeks.

Then I’m going to have one of the 10 greatest naps recorded by humans this decade.

Anyway, there has been a new Blocking Chargecast up for two days and I just haven’t posted an article with it. So here it is!

Let’s discuss:

  • Michigan exceeding expectations by tying for the second most B1G wins
  • Illinois having a pretty impressive stretch of games to end the year...y’know, for a team that everyone agrees accomplished nothing with or without the most overrated guard in the country, right?
  • Why Iowa fans are already perfectly satisfied with this season and don’t need any more wins to achieve contentment
  • Ohio State’s 4-game skid to end the year is about as tough a four game stretch as anyone played, except maybe for Illinois’ road trip
  • Why is Minnesota
  • Little Richard is in the middle of a spectacular drift, but it’ll be a miracle if he can actually maneuver our of this one without the back end of the car swinging all the way around
  • Archie Miller: what would you say.....ya do here?
  • Putting the Big Ten’s historic quality into context
  • Previewing the Big Ten tournament!