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Elvis Sightings: Reports from the Big Ten Tournament, Day 2

Firsthand accounts from the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis: Pictures, commentary, and more from Iowa fan legend Hawkeye Elvis!

Good Day OTE!

Just a short update for today as apparently the people who pay me money to work ACTUALLY want me to do some work. Such total bullshit.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on attending last night’s Minnesota/Northwestern tilt at the Big Ten Tournament, but late in the day, a friend of mine gave me free tickets. I should have made him pay me.

I’m not knocking my friend for the free tickets. I didn’t care that they were upper deck. Sometimes it’s actually fun to watch from up there and see things develop.

No, dear readers, I had to sit through the “basketball” game between the Gophers and Wildcats.

I have to admit, it was a bold strategy by Northwestern to not score for nearly the first seven minutes of the game. Not to be outdone, Goldy got up 16-2 and decided to coast it on in.

I was waiting for the ghost of James Naismith to appear and vanquish the souls of the damned.

Prior to the game my friend Frank and I put a friendly $50 wager on this contest, with me taking the favored Wildcats. I’m actually glad we did because the shit-talk we gave each other helped make this game more interesting.

In fact, I was feeling pretty good when Northwestern took a seven-point lead with four minutes to play. Alas, the Wildcats reverted to their “let’s not score at all” strategy and those 46 points would be all they would end up with. 51-46 Goldy.

Look for more updates from Indy including a full review of Friday night’s action on Saturday.

Thank ya, thank ya very much….

Hawkeye Elvis

PS: Forgot to mention I saw Barry Alvarez holding court at a steakhouse when walking back.