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NCAA Wrasslin’ Pick ‘Em!

Test your knowledge against the whole of the Empire!

NCAA Wrestling: Penn State at Iowa Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a bracket challenge that is sufficient, compared to full brackets, but inclusive of consolation rounds, without making everyone fill out like 500 picks. Then I found this system, that I wrote last year and never got to test! So, follow closely, cause this is a little complicated.

Entries will include the placement prediction of each All-American at each weight class, for a total of 80 picks. There are three categories of points each pick could be awarded. First is for All-American status. If the entry includes a pick who does make All-American, the entry will be awarded two points. This means there is a maximum of 160 points for All-American picks.

The second category is participation in the correct placement bout. That means if an entry predicts a wrestler finishing 3rd, and they participate in the 3rd place bout, they will receive points regardless of whether the wrestler wins. For championship participation, 5 points will be awarded. For 3rd place bouts, 3 points, for 5th place, 2 points, and for 7th place, 1 point. That totals to 220 points available for the placement bout category.

The final category is correct placement, which is simple enough. Placement must be exact, and 1st place is worth 8 points, 2nd is worth 7, and so on until 8th is worth 1, so that 36 points are available for each weight, and 360 total for the finishing placement category.

All added up, that means 740 points are available for you to score. Now, have at it, and good luck!