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2021 NCAA Tournament Early Rounds Preview in MS Paint Infographics

condensing all the basketballs into an easy-to-digest visual suppository

Illinois has returned to the NCAA tournament field with a VENGEANCE! You know what else should return with a vengeance? BIG TEN INFOGRAPHICS!

I’m not gonna promise anything past the second round on account of a deceptively tough 8 seed, but I will deliver you the following graphical preview of the early rounds!

having hired Bret Bielema as your head coach is the only 100% reliable indicator of your presence in the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament. why do you think Illinois did it? after the departure of Alan Griffin and the loss to Missouri, Noted Basketball School Illinois had to go the extra mile to leave no doubt for breaking this ignominious streak.

more about oral roberts in a second

if Michigan State somehow gets all the way to Michigan, I really want Maryland Howard vs. Illinois Izzo.

If Michigan State wins, a full quarter of the 64 team field has been a conference rival of Rutgers since their last tournament appearance. That’s in a year where Louisville, Cincinnati, St. Joe’s, Seton Hall, Miami, Notre Dame, Marquette, Memphis, SMU, UCF and Temple all missed the tournament.