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Big Ten Wrestling Pre-Seeds (Finally) Arrive!

Get your first official look at the Big Ten Championships

Iowa v Penn State
Hold me closer, Tommy Brandser
Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

At long last, the Big Ten pre-seeds are here! There are a couple surprises, but I think a lot of this we predicted pretty well! Full pre-seeds can be found on the Big Ten’s website, or in each of the preview articles listed below. Without further ado:


  1. Spencer Lee (Iowa Hawkeyes)
  2. Liam Cronin (Nebraska Cornhuskers)
  3. Malik Heinselman (Ohio State Buckeyes)

Also, notably listed at the 9-seed is Dylan Ragusin of Michigan. It was expected Medley would go here, and Ragusin at 133, but it seems that they have flipped again.


  1. Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State Nittany Lions)
  2. Austin DeSanto (Iowa Hawkeyes)
  3. Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers Scarlet Knights)


  1. Jaydin Eierman (Iowa Hawkeyes)
  2. Nick Lee (Penn State Nittany Lions)
  3. Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers Scarlet Knights)


  1. Sammy Sasso (Ohio State Buckeyes)
  2. Max Murin (Iowa Hawkeyes)
  3. Griffin Parriot (Purdue Boilermakers)

Mikey Carr is notably absent, replaced by Christian Kanzler. No word on whether this is due to an ongoing injury or Covid, but it will sideline him for the entire postseason. Shame.


  1. Ryan Deakin (Northwestern Wildcats)
  2. Kaleb Young (Iowa Hawkeyes)
  3. Brayton Lee (Minnesota Gophers)

Rutgers just... didn’t submit someone? They have four 157ers on their roster. Idk.


  1. Alex Marinelli (Iowa Hawkeyes)
  2. Danny Braunagel (Illinois Fighting Illini)
  3. Ethan Smith (Ohio State Buckeyes)


  1. Michael Kemerer (Iowa Hawkeyes)
  2. Mikey Labriola (Nebraska Cornhuskers)
  3. Carter Starocci (Penn State Nittany Lions)


  1. Aaron Brooks (Penn State Nittany Lions)
  2. Chris Weiler (Wisconsin Badgers)
  3. Layne Malczewski (Michigan State Spartans)


  1. Eric Schultz (Nebraska Cornhuskers)
  2. Myles Amine (Michigan Wolverines)
  3. Jacob Warner (Iowa Hawkeyes)


  1. Gable Steveson (Minnesota Gophers)
  2. Mason Parris (Michigan Wolverines)
  3. Tony Cassioppi (Iowa Hawkeyes)

Also, Penn State freshman Greg Kerkvliet got the nod and will be seeded seventh.

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