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Wrasslin’ Pick Em Results

Not as difficult to score as I would’ve thought. Quite difficult to predict, though

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Okay, finally done. First of all, congrats to HeistPA, who finished first with 335 points, correctly picking six champions (Spencer Lee, Gable Steveson, and each PSU champ). Closely behind were EMB with 332 and Eric O with 331. 23 entries of the 53 total scored more than 300 points, including myself at eighth and HWAHSQB at 19th. We had three perfect scores for the Big Ten challenge, but those folks didn’t do so hot here, with Kind of... finishing 26th and Chitownhawkeye coming in tenth to last. Mkoz didn’t complete one. Reminder of the scoring here.


Spencer Lee was unanimously the champion here, so 15 points for everyone. Nine people had Brandon Courtney as the runner up, the second most popular pick. Nobody had Pat McKee finishing third, and indeed, only one person had him all-American’ing.


18 had RBY doing the damn thing, and the rest minus one had Fix. One brave soul had Austin DeSanto winning it all. Another 18 correctly got a Daton Fix finishing second. By comparison, 32 got DeSanto finishing third, a much less controversial pick. Korbin Myers was the most popular fourth-place option, with 22 picks.


13 got Nick Lee correctly winning at 141, with 32 going for Eierman and seven for Sebastian Rivera and two for Tariq Wilson. 19 did have Eierman in second, with the most popular choice being Sebastian Rivera with 21. Only five had Tariq Wilson beating who turned out to be Sebastian Rivera, while the latter was also the most popular pick for third with 24 votes. When it really counted though, only one person had Rivera finishing fourth, though 21 got points for counting Wilson.


24 got O’Connor at first, compared to 27 for Sasso. However, 24 also got Sasso in second, which was the most popular pick with remaining split among O’Connor, Mauller, and Lewallen. Nobody got Yahya Thomas finishing third, because how could you, but 14 did get points for Lewallen. Another 15 had Lewallen correctly in fourth. One person did get Yahya all-American’ing, so kudos.


Only two people had David Carr winning the title, while Ryan Deakin was the most popular choice with 34. Only one had Dellavecchia finishing second, and another 11 got some points for picking Carr here. Nobody had Deakin in third or fourth place, but four had Teemer in fourth.


Only one person had Shane Griffith of Unattached University winning it all, while a combined 51 votes went to Marinelli and Lewis, both of whom withdrew before All-American’ing. Twelve had Wentzel in second. Four had O’Toole in third, plus one for Wittlake. Two more had Wittlake in fourth, and five got partial credit for O’Toole here.


Only three had Starocci winning it all, with the remainder going towards Kemerer. Two had Kemerer in second, and 44 had Starocci. 28 had Labriola correctly in third, and another 14 had him in fourth, while Truax was absent from either place, or any place for that matter.


40 had Brooks in first, and 11 more had Hidlay in the bout. 34 had Hidlay second, and 10 had Brooks. Parker Keckeisen had nine picks at third place, and one had John Poznanski. Four had Poz-nasty in fourth, and eleven had Keckeisen.


Ten had freshman phenom AJ Ferrari in first place, and one had Bonaccorsi. Three had the latter in second, and five more had Ferrari. It goes without saying that Amine and Schultz were highly popular for those two spots. 12 still had Amine at third, and nine had Warner, while another 14 had Warner at fourth (the most popular pick there), and one bold prediction had Amine there.


Steveson was unaminously picked at first, and Parris had 51 picks at second, with the remaining three going to Matt Stencel. Cassioppi led the way with 29 third place votes, and Cohlton Schultz was second with 12. Meanwhile, Stencel had the most fourth place votes with 17, but 15 correctly guessed Schultz and ten more had Cassioppi here.

Hopefully this embeds so you all can see where you finished, but if it doesn’t, just ask in the comments. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an Iowa basketball game to watch. Go Hawks.

Wrasslin’ Pick Em Results

Finish SB Nation Name Total
Finish SB Nation Name Total
1 HeistPA 335
2 EMB 332
3 Eric O 331
4 gatorbacon 329
6 Davebol 324
7 PSU 324
8 Atinat 323
9 Micah Thompson 322
10 bigboibob 320
11 Roman Bravo-Young 315
12 Beercan291 313
13 ColeShoos 312
14 Big Bob 309
15 KyleG54 308
16 Brian Brown 308
17 HAWKS220 307
18 LandOfSkyBlueWatersGopher 305
19 He was a high school quarterback 304
20 Barry Jarvis 304
21 Tim M 304
22 Mdetwei1 301
23 Roger Blick 300
24 Tony Feds 299
25 Jonwhite184 298
26 Kind of... 297
27 KingDavid 297
28 Devon 293
29 pt2182 292
30 Connor Cleveland 291
31 Alan Bravo-Young 284
32 HawkHammer 283
33 Dylan Reel Yeah Buddy 283
34 Brainski 283
35 StoneABS 282
36 Druschwartz 280
37 Iowa Eric H 278
38 ChrisAJ 278
39 Jeff 278
40 TheGrappler126 276
41 Gregory Stotler 275
42 eruh24 274
43 Squeeeeeze 273
44 Chitownhawkeye 272
45 Hammons1 269
46 Jaimon365 266
47 Honeymooner 266
48 astrunk7 260
49 Dee Are You 254
51 tjlink140 239
52 Rice_cake 228
53 Matthew Billock 205