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Elvis Sightings: One Hawkeye still in action in Indianapolis

Our intrepid correspondent find one Iowa Hawkeye still balling in Indianapolis...

Hey OTE Squad!

Yep. I’m still in Indianapolis. Even with the Hawkeyes untimely exit, I’ve decided to ride it out here in the Circle City all the way through the NCAA Championship Game.

So, what is there to do here when there are no tournament games from Tuesday through Friday? You pick up some tickets to watch the hometown Indiana Pacers take on the Detroit Pistons!

I’m humming “Roundball Rock” in my head.

It was interesting (if not a bit heartbreaking) to be back in the same building I watched Iowa’s season end just a couple of days before. Pretty much the same set-up as the NCAA games for the fans, with a slightly different court arrangement. In fact, because they didn’t have the broadcasting team on a platform in the middle of the lower bowl, there were actually more fans in the seats than for the NCAA games.

Speaking of differences in the NBA and NCAA games? Holy shit everyone in the League can shoot. And get the hell up and down the floor. I was fortunate enough to be close to the floor to see how big and fast everyone on the floor was. I think it gives one an appreciation of just how difficult it is to make it to the big time.

And of course, because this is a Big Ten Blog, I’ve got your Big Ten connections. For me, that meant cheering for former Iowa star Tyler Cook.

The NBA journeyman is currently on the Pistons and got some meaningful minutes in the game, scoring five points and throwing down a monster jam that made my teeth rattle.

But ultimately this night belonged to the Pacers and former Michigan star Caris Lavert. Dude balled out for 28 points, including 4/7 from deep as Indiana won 116-111.

And what’s a trip to a NBA game without getting a free t-shirt?

I’m pretty sure this came from a box they found in the attic during the Reggie Miller era. Does anyone have an iron I can borrow?

More updates from Indy as we swing into the Sweet 16 starting on Saturday. And a special field trip next week!

Stay tuned.