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Elvis Sightings: Dispatches from the NCAA Tournament, Hangin’ Out Edition

Greetings OTE!

It’s your humble (and less hungover) correspondent Hawkeye Elvis reporting LIVE from Indianapolis.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: Indy is a pretty great town. We moved from our downtown digs to a house just a little bit south of Banker’s Life, but still totally walkable.

The added bonus was having a giant-ass TV as part of the deal.

Saturday and Sunday were a study in lethargy and sloth-like behavior (aka Wisconsin basketball) as we just chilled and watched as many games as we could.

However, there was action to be taken as we scored tickets to USC/Oregon for the Sweet Sixteen Finale.

Not gonna lie, had a little bit of PTSD walking back into the building where my team’s season came to a screeching halt just a week before.

It was also jarring to see two teams with such ridiculous athleticism playing basketball for 90 minutes.

And of course Oregon had a rough night shooting because they used up all of the good-shot mojo against Iowa in the previous game. The loss did not dampen the Duck fans who made the trip.

What kind of an asshole dresses up for a basketball game?

After tomorrow night the Final Four will be set and fortunately yours truly has managed to score a seat for Saturday night!