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In Memoriam: Lovie Smith, Illinois Fighting Illini Football Head Coach 2016-2020

At last the Lovie Smith era gets a proper tribute

we shall not see your like again
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Hate Friday here in Illinois Week, but I’m going to shower you all with love.

You see, I never planned the Chris Ash: In Memoriam thing to be a a one-off gag.

Many things got in my way of creating the next one. In fact, I actually recorded the music for this next In Memoriam video on October 10th, 2019 with Illinois looking helpless at 2-4 with Michigan coming to town. Between a stay of execution and...well...2020, it’s taken me this long to actually put the video together.

BUT! Together it is at last! I’ll put some suspense on you by making you wait a bit for it. An interesting thing I discovered is that my original submission had a copyright claim for the backing track, but when I changed some audio levels, I got a copyright claim by a different copyright holder. Based on the segment this was reported in, it sounds like one person has the copyright to that audio, while another person has the copyright to that audio with a little bit of Lisa Byington added in.

ANYWAY! Without further ado, welcome to the premiere page for the Lovie Smith In Memoriam music video: My Way.