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For Purdue, it’s time to put up or shut up. Where does Jeff Brohm go from here?

At some point in the process of spinning the wheels, you either start moving forward or bust a tire

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I’ll stop using the Thomas The Tank Engine music for this particular annual podcast episode when Purdue no longer identifies as a steam engine.

Our podcast has, quite notoriously, given some extremely bullish guidance on Jeff Brohm’s Purdue Boilermakers over the last couple of years. We’re not quite Jim Cramer in that we’re not going to come on the air and confidently proclaim the opposite of what we said was true yesterday, but it certainly seems like the Brohm Era is reaching an inflection point.

  • How much of a disaster was Bob Diaco and how much of an indictment of Brohm is his hiring?
  • Does new DC Brad Lambert have enough to work with to field Purdue’s first good defense in the Brohm era?
  • Where will the offensive production come from and more importantly can it translate into wins?
  • How do you choose a quarterback if you’re Jeff Brohm? The stats are remarkably similar
  • Is the dismal 2021 recruiting performance a sign that the initial buzz has worn off and this really is a prove-it-or-fail season?
  • BASKETBALL: wha happen in round 1?
  • BASKETBALL: is it ridiculous to suggest that Purdue could be the team to beat in the Big Ten?