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Nebraska Football Has a Tough Road to a Breakthrough, But It’s On The Table

Basketball seems more likely to do it though

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Friday of Nebraska Week.

There’s a news break pod dropping later, so let’s talk about the Huskers now!

  • Attrition is not as bad as it could have been, especially on defense
  • The departures are more troubling because of what they might say about the program
  • Is there any other way for Nebraska to succeed other than for Adrian Martinez to finally meet heavy expectations?
  • What kind of a cruel joke is the Huskers schedule in such an important year? Where are the wins going to come from?
  • Let’s talk Nebrasketball, actually
  • Why did the Big Ten make the Huskers play 15 games in 32 days?
  • Care to guess Fred Hoiberg’s conference record?
  • This coming year will definitely see Hoiberg’s best team, but what’s the ceiling?
  • More importantly, is that ceiling enough that Nebraska will want to see more?
  • Seriously. Take a guess as to Fred Hoiberg’s winning percentage at Nebraska.