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Michigan Wolverines Basketball Is What Everyone Thought Michigan Football Would Be Under Jim Harbaugh

Ready to hear about positive things for Michigan?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-UCLA vs Michigan IndyStar-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to a very special Michigan Wolverines edition of Off Talkle Empire! In this one we try to find where the breaking point is for the Jim Harbaugh era, then grit our teeth and give Juwan Howard a lot of credit.

  • What possessed Jim Harbaugh to take such a big gamble on his new DC?
  • What are the odds of this move paying off in time to save the regime?
  • Is This The Year Michigan’s Offense Finally Comes Together?
  • Let’s stop beating around the bush and talk about the quarterbacks. What’s going on in that particular room and how many dudes will end up taking snaps?
  • HOOPS: We maintain that Michigan could not possibly have known Juwan Howard would go this well
  • Nevertheless here we are
  • How is this happening?
  • What are some fair expectations for year two of a coach replacing a very successful helmsman?
  • Why does it have to be Michigan?