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Did Last Year Mean Anything For Penn State Football, or is it Business as Usual?

It won’t be as bad as 2020, but will it be as good as we’ve come to expect?

NCAA Football: Penn State at Nebraska
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Penn State week, as we look to commemorate and move on from the bizarre 0-5 start to the Penndemic State-of-emergency season. You’ve got questions. So do we. We just try to answer our own questions before we bring them to you, because we have a little self-respect.

  • I take unnecessary shots at Penn State’s inclusion. Am I starting to like Pittsburgh?
  • Penn State poached Minnesota’s offensive coordinator from their breakthrough 2019 season, then unceremoniously ditched him after a single pandemic-blighted season. Rich people, man.
  • The transfer portal usually taketh away, but this year it giveth to the Nittany Lions as James Franklin shows signs of adapting to the realities of 2021 college recruiting and roster building.
  • The offense is too talented to be at bad as last year, right? Jahan Dotson returns with a sidekick in Parker Washington, and the backs are premium quality as always.
  • The Shrewsberries taste like Shrewsberries.
  • No more rad Butt Tricks in the Big Ten :(
  • Off Tackle ASMR Empire with Sam Sessoms