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BREAKING! Conference Realignment!

Could Iowa State end up in the Big Ten?

LOL, no.

Get fucked, Iowa State.

Is this incredibly petty? YES!

Do I care? Not really, no.

Here’s the thing. College football is a zero sum game. One team’s success is necessarily another team’s failure. Iowa State becoming a viable FBS program is bad for Iowa. I am a fan of Iowa and want Iowa to be good. The only logical choice I have is for rooting for bad things for teams that regularly impact Iowa, and despite what many Iowa fans say, Iowa State directly impacts Iowa. Iowa State getting relegated is good for Iowa because it means less money for a competitor and makes it easier for Iowa to be better which then becomes somewhat self perpetuating.

Also, it’s incredibly funny.

ISU fans have been shitting on the Big Ten for years. A five minute search:

The Big Ten Gets an F

Big Ten Divisions

Big Ten Network Forces Biggest Ten Score in History

So now that they’re begging to be let in I feel 0 sympathy. That this is coming immediately after the Cyclones best year ever and a preseason top 5 ranking, is just *chef’s kiss*. The Big 12 would rather die then let Iowa State be good.