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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Independence Day

In which the pop of fireworks replaces the slow wheezing of Michigan’s shrinking expectations

Welcome to a special fireworks day edition of Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: the segment where your “writers” tell you....where we be and what we be drinking (and eating). It’s a 3 day weekend for drinking and cookouts, so lets go around the country and see what everyone is up to.


I will be on a pontoon in Spooner, WI, enjoying the beautiful weather and drinking what my wife was very excited to find at a Twin Cities liquor store: Grey Duck Seltzer. So about 6-12 of those while floating in a lake and drifting JUST outta earshot of the in-laws. Funny how that always seems to happen. Grilling steaks for dinner then watching the drunks across the lake put on a goddamn SHOW.


I’m going to spend all day packing boxes and putting them in a storage unit to prepare for a (hopefully imminent) move. Afterwards I’m going to make some tacos and have some Founders Solid Gold and then probably just play Mario Golf until I fall asleep.

Andrew K

Keeping this one close to home in metro Detroit, trying to help the dogs maintain some level of chill (not going to happen) in light of the end of the world and all. We got DCFC on Saturday, the final of the Rocket Mortgage Classic on Sunday…and, as per always, The Yardwork.


I’m heading back to central IL. My Dad’s old console TV finally kicked the bucket and that sumbitch is so heavy he can’t pick it up. He hasn’t bought a TV in 30 years so he thinks he can sell this one to a repair shop because 30 years ago, you could do that. I’m still trying to convince him that we’ll have to take it to an electronics disposal site. So, I’ll probably be drinking Miller High Life and cursing as I’m trying to figure out how to hook up a new TV to his VCR, DVD player, and cable box. Although my Dad really liked the Blue Moon he tried at my house last time he came and said he was going to get some so maybe I won’t be living the high life.


I’ll be on Lake Norman near Charlotte, NC. Drinking low sugar daquiri mix and canoeing places


I’ll be bouncing around the Twin Cities. The Loons match Saturday night with the kids is the highlight, but there’s also a golf tournament Saturday morning, a 5k Sunday morning, and a pool party/impending fireworks catastrophe Sunday afternoon. I’ll probably have a Grain Belt Elite or two in there somewhere.


I’ll be in CR with family coming into town for the first time in 18 months. I’ll have my smoker out all weekend. Doing ribs, chops, steaks, burgers, brats, wings. Drinking Naturdays, Pseudo Sue, Pompeii, and various local sours.


I’ll be at home in Chicago with my family. We’re going to have a lakefront picnic and just relax. I’ll be drinking a few local IPAS


Nothing fancy for me. Simple cookout with family on Sunday. A lot of nerding out otherwise. I’m in Denver and staying here for the weekend. I seldom drink and likely won’t at all this weekend.


Be chilling in Austin and probably avoiding rain. Regardless, intend to have the smoker out for Pollo a la Brassa, beef short ribs, pulled beef chuck, and maybe some pork ribs. We will see what looks good at the butcher.


I’m going whale watching in Redondo Beach then will have a beach day in Hermosa Beach then watch some fireworks. And I will no doubt go home to a cacophony of illegal LA fireworks until 2am. Will be drinking water because alcohol is a depressant and I don’t need that negative shit in my life right now.


I’ve decided to drive to North Carolina this weekend, which was probably not optimal timing for a road trip, but here we are. Since I’ll be driving literally all day, I will be drinking lots of coffee and water. I’d be sad about missing the 4th, but I don’t love it as a holiday, and my city apparently has zero restrictions on fireworks, and every single night for the past week has featured explosions until nearly 11 pm, so I’m already over it.


It looks I’ll be shadowing Zuzu this weekend. I will also be spending the weekend in the Redondo and Hermosa beach areas. No whale watching, but a barbecue or two are on the agenda. My contribution to the cookouts? Some of Founder’s finest.

That’s it for your writers, but what are the rest of you doing today? Sound off in the comments!