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Why It’s Time For A Northwestern Wildcats Football Down Year In 2021

Just check the schedule.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Michigan State Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

After wrapping up Indiana Week last week we of course move on to Northwestern Week. Those are two of the top three teams in the league from last year.

But will they both be again this year? We covered Indiana, but Northwestern looks like a down year is in store. Why?

Simple: they had a pretty good season last year.

Wanna know more? Join us!

  • Okay, seriously though. Why do they do this? Why does Northwestern’s record fluctuate so wildly? There are quite a few factors
  • How do those factors line up with this year?
  • At what point, if any, will an unusual amount of coaching turnover start to show any effects?
  • This team has a lot of experienced guys to replace at various spots on both sides of the ball, but this program has tended to do a good job of developing players, especially in the positions (like both sides of the line and the linebackers) of need. You’ll definitely get to know the names of some new faces, who aren’t necessarily top flight recruits even though you’d think with the longevity of the coaching staff you’d at some point pick that up, but this is how they’ve had success with their physical front 7 and ball-control-oriented run-first offense, and that identity is going to continue to permeate even as certain facets of the playing style are updated.

What Big Ten West team am I even talking about? Is it Indiana?

  • I mean, at least with all the various iterations of Shitty Illinois, there’s a few interesting things to write about every year instead of writing the same preview all the time like for half the division.
  • and of course that gets to the crux of it, which is that ideal bret bielema illinois does the exact same thing so the preview is the same every year.
  • Anyway, let’s talk about the Basketcats and what the hell is going on out here!