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It’s time to update the uniforms: Put the Northwestern stripe on the shoulders

Under Armour, Northwestern, let’s put the stripe back where it belongs

Bring back the stripe!

Dear Under Armour and the Northwestern Athletic Department,

I’ve been a Northwestern fan for 21 years, and I was quite unhappy with how the uniforms supplied by Adidas looked. I’ve been very happy* with the uniforms the football team has worn over the past 9 years. Morgan Poster Avec is a unique font on the jerseys, and I really like the fact you’ve brought back the Northwestern Stripe all across the athletic department. It’s an important Northwestern tradition, and one that should be used forever.

That being said, there is a small tweak I’d like you to make to the jerseys:

Can you put the Northwestern stripes on the shoulders?

I just think that’s where they belong. On the torso is fine, but that just doesn’t seem right given the history of the stripe.

Also, in the first image, the stripe is on the baselayer. However, the baselayer isn’t worn all the time, so I think the stripe gets lost in the torso near the numbers. It’s nice and prominent on the shoulder.

I mean, they look good on South Carolina, but if you bring then back to Northwestern, please ensure the middle section is thicker.

NCAA Football: Clemson at South Carolina
Obligatory picture of our probable new starting quarterback, Ryan Hilinski
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

And Auburn

NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Auburn vs Northwestern Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

For purple jerseys, can the stripes be all white?

Doesn’t this look better?
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

On black jerseys, can we have white/purple/white?

On white jerseys, can we have three purple stripes?



* never do the wounded warrior uniforms again. Ugh. What a mess. Also, no more graphite uniforms please?


Should Northwestern put the stripes on the shoulders?

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