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Can the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Death Star Lose Before The Playoffs?

It’s been three years since they lost a conference game

B1G 2021 comes to a close with the conclusion of Ohio State week, so we have to give you yet another preview of the Buckeyes, or, as the national media call them, “the Big Ten.”

We’ll approach this from the only question that matters for any Buckeye fans with regards to the Big Ten season: is it possible for them to lose, and if so, who will strike the decisive blow?

  • Ohio State loses a lot of talent. Over the last ten or so years, that’s meant that they get better at those positions.
  • This might be especially true at linebacker, where some experienced and smart football players will be replaced by world-class athletes
  • Does anyone in the Big Ten have the offensive firepower to exploit the secondary, which might be the least oppressively great component of this team?
  • Hoops!
  • Mouth Bob? Really?
  • This should in theory be another year of contending at the top of the conference, but how will that translate in March?

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