People Seem to Forget

It hasn't happened in a while so I other this brief reminder to the other 11 B1G teams who have likely forgotten.

Isaac Zico opened the scoring for Purdue with this very nice catch for a TD.

First Purdue TD

Purdue lined up for a FG to extend their lead but instead went with a fake. Joe Schopper, who was also the punter and recently earned his PhD, had the option to pass but chose to run for a first down.

Fake FG

I mean why settle for FGs when you can let Rondale Moore score TDs. Here was his first of the game.

First Moore TD

OSU managed to close to within 8 points and forced Purdue to punt. Unfortunately for OSU, Davon Hamilton put a hit on Joe Schopper and the resulting penalty gave Purdue a first down.

Schopper Punt

With the drive extended, Purdue had the ball the OSU 1 two plays later. DJ Knox then gets on the fun with the first of his 3 consecutive rushing TDs.

Knox TD1

DJ Knox with the first of his 3 TD runs.

DJ Knox gets his second TD on this 42 yard run right up the middle with a nice move on the safety. Isn't not clear whether DJ was untouched as the safety may have gotten a fingertip on him.

Knox TD2

DJ Knox with the second of his 3 TD runs.

This was not exactly what the OSU fans in Ross-Ade Stadium were expecting.

Sad OSU Fan

Sad OSU fan.

OSU then scored a TD to close the gap to 28 - 13. Purdue answered when DJ Knox scored his third TD on a 40 yard run that started right up the middle (similar to the run shown above) but after clearing the OSU front 7 he broke toward the left corner of the end zone. I could not find a gif for this run, but trust me, it happened.

OSU scored again to once again close to within 15 points 35 - 20. Time for some more Rodale. In an amazing run after the catch, Rondale Moore showed off his quickness, speed, and strength in this electrifying catch and run through the OSU defense for a 43 yard TD. Yes, this is one of my favorite gifs.

Second Moore TD

Rondale Moore with his second TD.

While the game had been decided, OSU did have another opportunity. However, Columbus, Ohio's very own Markus Bailey had other plan when he housed a pick-6 off an errant Haskins pass. I'm sure it had to be a FU moment for Bailey who wasn't recruited by OSU.

Bailey Pick-6

Death Star Destruction

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