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Checking In: The 2021 Big Ten Season and Off Tackle Empire

Listening to you, the reader, now—so we don’t have to later.

My goodness, reader.

By the end of this calendar week, Illinois will have routed wafflestomped played a sporting contest of American football against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. All our preseason predictions will likely be in shambles, even though only 14.3% of the conference will have played (that’s called future perfect tense, Nebraska).

Like the bottle of Boone’s Farm my dad has been “storing” since 1976, those AAU jokes won’t age.

Fresh off the rousing success event half-assed offering that was B1G 2021, though, as I have learned my personal limitations and our staff availability, I want to put out a few things:

We need more writers!

I realize you think we don’t watch the games and you can’t give up your weekly Purdue fix. I know that it’s tough imagining yourself saying words that are taken seriously about Big Ten football when you’re a Professional Blogger.

Well take heart, friend!

  1. No one takes this shit seriously—we’re a blog for fun, and
  2. You can still watch the games! Just don’t tell anyone.

We have particular needs for fans of these schools:

If you’re interested, do these two things:

  1. Write a Fanpost on a topic of your choosing—anything from “Breaking down the enthusiasm for Penn State basketball” to “Why Minnesota fans are the most engaged and passionate in college football and no I’m not joking, how dare you”—and then
  2. Send me an email—minnesotawildcat at gmail dot com—and let me know you’ve written it and are interested in joining the squad at OTE!

We want to know what you want to read!

Look, we’re going to keep writing our same shit. I’m going to do DWT;WT despite approximately 25 people reading it; Thump is going to do Infographics when he can even as most of you think it should be a twice-weekly column. BRT will continue to organize Power Polls.

We’re talking more on Sunday—as a “staff”—about what other features we can offer you this season. But I want to know, as well, what you want to hear—what new kinds of articles would you like to see at OTE?

Leave them in the comments, whether suggestions or concerns. We’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, thank you for reading and commenting at Off Tackle Empire. We love you all and are excited to shittalk our way through other season of Ohio State winning another championship interesting, wide-open football.
—MNW and the OTE “Staff”