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Week 0: B1G Game Thread

It all comes down to naught.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska Cornhuskers at Illinois Fighting Illini

Noon | FOX | NEB -7 | O/U 54

Here are the rules:

1) No pirated streams or discussion about pirated streams.
2) Have fun.
3) Don’t be a jackass.

Week Naught is upon us. The first steps in a journey that will lead to the CCG in Indianapolis (probably not for the teams playing today, though).

I know that Nebraska fans yearn to earn swagger back. To revisit days when beating Minnesota or Iowa was not an “upset.” To wake up one morning and shove all of the scorn heaped upon our beloved program down your quadrangly Minnesconsin throats. One fine day...

Coach Scott Frost is running out of opportunities to make this happen. It may happen. It may not. It will be entertaining, on some level, however it turns out.

You see, Nebraska plays an essential role in this conference — schadenfreude is a treasured regional resource, and Nebraska is its bottomless font.

So it begins.