Off Tackle Empire Pick 'Em Group

Kimberly P. Mitchell via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Hello all!

I created this year's OTE ESPN Pick 'Em Group. It's straight-up scoring -- I thought about making ATS, as that is a new feature, but decided to just make it plain ol' straight-up.

It's also a public group, so no password needed. Just click the link, join, and make your picks. Enjoy!

Ed. note: Thanks, HerrBrown! Since you brought it up, why not try against the spread, too? Join both leagues below! We'll put up the usual "prize" of being a "writer" for a day and getting a(n editorially appropriate) FanPost of your choosing published on the front page! I think this about gets us to 150 words, doesn't it? No? Not yet? Well this is where we vamp for a while, then remind you that next week you have to read articles about Northwestern. --MNW

Off Tackle Empire Pick 'Em - Straight-Up
Off Tackle Empire Pick 'Em - Against the Spread

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